size chart

As you may have come to understand by now the size of the portrait plays an important role in determining the look and feel of the painting.Well, the size chart helps you choose the perfect size for your portrait.The sizes that we offer are:

  • 8″x8″: This size is recommended for a portrait consisting of one person or character.
  • 12″x12″: This size is also meant for only one person but there is more scope for attention to detail as compared to the earlier size.
  • 12″x16″: This size can accommodate 2 people or characters within it.
  • 16″x20″: A total of three people can be fit inside a portrait of this size.
  • 18″x24″: Four people can be fit inside a portrait of this size.
  • 24″x36″: A total of five people can be fit inside a portrait of this size.

Custom Size: We also have a special custom sized portrait feature where the customer is free to choose whatever dimensions (size) he/she would like to have for the portrait.

Finishing options:

  1. Rolled: Your portrait painted on a canvas by our artists. You can use the canvas to decorate your walls or even preserve it framing later. We take extra care that the canvas is accident proof and can be preserved for a long time.
  2. Gallery wrapped: Your canvas stretched across a stretcher bar and secured on the back of a wooden frame. This makes the portrait easily accessible and adds an unusual artistic edge to the art piece. Charges may vary based on your selection of the size of the wooden frame.
  3. Framed: Framed: Your art piece is securely framed and ready to decorate the walls. Increase the longevity of your portrait by getting it framed. There are extra charges based on size.


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