31 Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him in India (Updated List)

31 Personalized anniversary gifts

Today let us check out a special list of personalized anniversary gifts for him in India.

Indians all around the world have swiftly been adopting many cultures of the west whilst still being in touch with their ethnic root.

We have thus searched far and wide and come up with a list that we feel will put a big smile on his face.

“Our anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our love is a timeless one.”

A personalized gift for him is a great way to show your infinite love and affection for your special half as it is the epitome of something beautiful as well as creative.

Many of you may feel that finding a personalized anniversary gift for him in India is a tough task but worry not for we have written this article to specifically ease your burden.

1. A Special Portrait Painting

A special portrait painting

Convert your favorite picture to painting and watch as it takes on a really beautiful form.

Its serene beauty is sure to leave you in awe and spellbound.

A true masterpiece with an intrinsic attachment is the highlight of this gift as it is bound to strike a chord not only within him but also in the hearts of everyone who visits your house.

When it comes to portrait paintings PortraitFlip offers one the best personalized anniversary gifts for him in India.

Not only is it great but also a really affordable option.

It can be the perfect memoir of your happy relationship.

2. Engraved Shot Glasses

Engraved shot glasses

Shots are a must to make any party awesome and lively.

It is the heart of the party and these glasses are a must for every cool and funny guy who loves to chill.

Make some crazy and fun-filled memories with some awesome parties which consist of the people that matter the most to you.

Engrave his name on the glasses so that you get lots of drunken love.

PS: please don’t get drunk and blame us, we just want you to have a great time.

3. Amazon Personalized Gift Card

Amazon Personalized Gift Card 2000

Even though we know our better half like the back of our hands choosing a gift can seem like a really tough task.

In such cases letting him decide what he wants is the best option.

With a staggering increase in online shopping and viewing due to better and easier connectivity, this gift card can be the perfect personalized anniversary gift for him in India.

This is not only a good way to let him decide his own gift but will also let you breathe easy and do away with some unnecessary anxiety.

In a world where everything has become as easy as the touch of a button gift your loved one this personalized gift card and watch how his face lights up.

 You can also add a message for your dearly beloved which will make it even more special for him.

4. Personalized Cufflinks With Jacquard Tie

anniversary gifts for him

Men should look classy at least when it comes to their formal attire.

Cufflinks can be a perfect touch of eloquence to this wardrobe as nothing shows standard quite like a pair of perfect cufflinks.

I know one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions generally last longer than most others.

It is like the trailer of your personality.

These cufflinks are an awesome personalized gift for him in India as well as the rest of the world.

Fashion knows no boundary and is a universal language which is showcased by all.

5. Main Sharabi Hamper

Main Sharabi Hamper

I know that all the alcoholics in the house must have a wicked smile on their face right now.

Hold still there is no actual alcohol in the hamper itself.

It just consists of bottle themed fridge magnets and an opener to.

This is a great way to make everybody realize your awesomeness and cool choice in décor. (though it can’t actually be called décor, who cares it gives a dope ass look to your fridge anyway.)

Your hubby or boyfriend is sure to have a big smile when he sees them.

This is one of the best personalized anniversary gift for him in India as the name can also be associated with Amitab’s famous song ‘Main Sharabi Hoon’

Make him proud of his alcoholic roots with this special hamper.

6. 3D GOT Wine Glass

3D GOT Wine Glass

“Winter has finally come.”

After longing for years and decade, the end is near and there is both excitement and sadness in the eyes of a GOT fan.

There has been a meteoric rise in the following of the acclaimed series in India in the last few years.

People have gone crazy for the likes of Jon Snow and the eternally beautiful Khaleesi.

Whether you like Tyrion, Arya, Sansa or any other character, GOT merchandise is always highly acclaimed.

It can act as a really cool style statement if nothing else.

Drink like the kings and queens of the north and south whilst basking in some wine filled glory.

“I drink and I know things.”

It is a classy gift for him in India as it has managed to acclaim a great mass following in this part of the world too.

It may not be entirely personalized but it is certainly unique and appealing.

7. Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle

Doesn’t the thought of a message in a bottle sound romantic in itself!

Is it to cinematic or filmy as we Indians like to call it?

Well, Indians and films have always been a great couple since ages thus we present to you this unique gift.

This is a great and unique personalized anniversary gift for him in India as it is sure to appeal to this filmy side within him.

We are Indians, so no matter what you say we all have this cinematic side to us which we simply cannot seem to let go.

 Our lives are no less than a film with drama, conflict, action and love all mixed in this life well a touch of melodrama too.

It will look totally authentic with the recipient receiving the message in a corked bottle accompanied by shells and sand.

The message can be thoroughly personalized and you can write whatever you feel will touch his soul.

8. Beard Catcher

Beard Catcher

This is a really sorted innovation not just for your man but also for you as it will help immensely.

How many times have you relentlessly tried to clean up the hairy mess in your wash basin?

Does it choke the pipe and make your life more miserable?

Well drum roll please…….. We present to you the beard catcher.

With the trend of growing beard brands like ‘beardo’ have established themselves.

This can be the perfect personalized anniversary gift for him in India as that charming look is one that steals hearts.

Nothing should come in its way.

It is easy to set up and with the sturdy suction cups, it is bound to save a lot of time and make life a lot easier.

9. Heart Audio Splitter

Heart Audio Splitter

We Indians just have a thing for music which is why we have produced such amazing artists right from the likes of Pankaj Udas to Arijit Singh to Divine and Emiway.

Do y’ all love listening to music together? Is it a tedious matter with both of you sharing one side each of the earphone?

This heart audio splitter is a great way to listen to your favorite playlists together without much of a hassle.

10. Personalised Magazine – Gentlemen’s Quarterly

Personalised Magazine - Gentlemen's Quarterly

Do you ever look at magazines like the times and others and wish that just for one day you would be on their cover?

Imagine your name being taken alongside other celebrities

You are ‘Sexiest personality of the year’ or ‘businessman of the year’.

It may seem like a farfetched dream but it is in fact possible to an extent.

Tell them the name of your knight in shining armor and they will make him as famous as the Kardashians.

Well certainly in a good way.

It is a great option for a special personalized anniversary gift for him in India as we all crave for our names to be taken alongside sportsmen and film stars.

All you have to do is give the date, name, and photo that has to be printed and voila you have your very own customized gift.

It is a great reminder for him that no matter what happens he will always be yours if not anybody else’s man of the year.

11. A Hundred Reasons I Love You Box

Hundred Reasons I Love You Box

You may love your special guy beyond measure but I may be difficult for you to tell or constantly remind him about this fact.

You may either be shy or too busy but you don’t have to worry anymore.

This box comes with a pre-printed list of reasons why you love him and can be the perfect personalized gift for him in India.

You will thus not run short of words and praises to shower on the love of your life.

It’s good to give some appreciation once in a while if it’s not possible all the time.

12. Engraved Wooden Bottle Opener

Engraved Wooden Bottle Opener

This can be an amazing addition to the bar accessory that your special one posses.

So every time he pops a bottle he will always remember this eternal bond of love that is shared by the both of you.

It is one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for him in India as it will add a personal and elegant touch to it.

It is a really unique personalized gift and a great way to express your feelings in this modern world.

Celebrate this love and the journey of some good times along the way.

13. Initials Personalised Hip Flask

Personalized anniversary gifts for him

This is sure to be a super hit for all those who have a penchant for alcohol and like the classy side of things.

Just like the bottle opener this will also make for a fine drinking accessory.

Every sip that he takes shall be a reminder of not only your love for him but also your amazing choice in gifts.

It is a truly sensational personalized gift for him in India as we increase our swag quotient.

In fact, the hip flask is an important style statement or accessory for everyone who has alcohol in his blood.

Well, being a little tipsy never hurt anyone and would certainly bring some classic vibes to a party.

14. Personalized A5 Journal – Cool Moments

Personalised A5 Journal - Cool Moments

These classic designer journals are made from recycled paper products.

Each of these journals will have specific writing or idea which will be personalized in his name.

You may not be the next Chetan Bhagat but we all have this inner desire to express our feelings.

We may not be able to share them with everybody and at such times a journal can be our perfect companion.

Not all of us maybe writers but all of us have something to write about.

We all have stories to tell and experiences to share and this journal may just be the perfect personalized gift for him in India as the masses have started to pen down their feelings in much more creative ways.

15. Best Husband Ever Phone Cover

Best husband ever phone cover

In today technology-filled world we may forget birthdays and anniversaries, but the one thing that we will never forget is our phones.

It has become an integral part of our life.

With better and cheaper connectivity than ever before this is a great personalized anniversary gift for him in India as people are constantly glued to their phones.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing as education and long distance calling has become possible.

One need not enter a classroom he can simply gain more knowledge about the subject via sites like youtube.

This personalized and customized phone cover is thus bound to be a really practical as well as affordable gift.

It is a great way to show your love in a really personal way.

16. Engraved Photo Coasters (Set of 6)

Engraved Photo Coasters (Set of 6)

This set of engraved coasters will make for a great personalized anniversary gift for him in India as it can be an awesome piece of kitchen décor.

A great way to catch the attention of your dearly beloved and friends to at some lit house parties.

All you have to do is send the pictures that you want to be engraved and you won’t regret this choice.

17. Bogatchi Happy Anniversary Chocolate Box

Bogatchi Happy Anniversary Chocolate Box, 70g

Do you absolutely love chocolate? I’m sorry that was a stupid question.

The real question is: are there people who don’t love chocolate?

It may seem like a really audacious statement but is not chocolate the symbol of love!

Gift him this beautiful piece of chocolate on which you can engrave any personalized message, something soulful that will touch and connect with every vain in his body.

This can be a great personalized gift for him in India not only because it is cute but also because it is 100% vegetarian.

This gives you absolutely no reason to worry and every reason to be happy.

18. Personalized Black Mustache Mug

Personalized Black Mustache Mug

This personalized mug lets you write whatever you want on the mug as long as it is within the prescribed limit.

It is such a sweet and cute way to show your love for that special man in your life.

Every single morning that he sips his tea or coffee he will constantly be reminded of your love for him.

All of this in the words that you choose to inscribe on the mug.

19. Personalized Lamp

Personalized Lamp

This lamp has a trippy look to it as it is a fluorescent bottle lamp.

Spread some light and make him remember why exactly you love him so much!

It can be the perfect addition to his study table and brighten his life a little more.

Okay, I agree that it was a lame analogy but this lamp is really lit. (For all those who got it the pun’s intended.)

It is certainly one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for him in India as there has been a surging rise for customized gifts in India.

20. Incredible Gifts India Anniversary Gift – Personalized Photo Plaque

Incredible Gifts India Anniversary Gift - Personalized Photo Plaque

With a smooth brown finish, this plaque is bound to catch anybody’s eyes and leave them spellbound.

This is a great personalized anniversary gift for him in India as we like to proudly display the moments and milestones in our happy and fulfilling married life.

All you have to do is send a photo and text according to the specifications given.

The plaque consists of wood and a metal rod which will be a stellar showpiece for your home.

21. Personalized Caricature for Solo – Classic Mugshot by Prasad Bhat

You can now get your very own personal caricature by a virtuoso artist.

What else can you ask for? It can be your perfect animated avatar.

Get ready to see yourself in a unique, funky and really cool version.

It will be an apt reflection of his creative side.

This is an absurdly amazing personalized anniversary gift for him in India as it is slowly witnessing the rise of digital art and characters.

The younger generation loves something really cool and crazy.

This customized caricature fulfills all these innate desires of the youth of the nation.

22. Glistening Choco Bouquet

Glistening Choco Bouquet

For all those chocolate lovers out there, this is even better than the previous chocolate product that we mentioned.

You can choose from some of your most adored chocolates right from Snickers to Mars to KitKat or even Cadbury.

One should definitely get this gift because a bouquet of chocolates can be compared to heaven on earth.

Don’t ask why, ask why not.

23. Smart Galleria Golden Anniversary Gift Customized Date Key Case

Smart Galleria Golden Anniversary Gift Customized Date Key Case

This is the perfect way to not only show you love him but also remind him of the official date when it all started.

You can engrave different days that are meaningful in your life may be to remind him just in case he forgets.

This is the perfect personalized anniversary gift for him in India as men generally have the tendency to forget.

I’m not being sexist but I’m really sure that most of the ladies in the house will agree to this fact.

Its sleek and lightweight design will make it easy to carry around.

24. Personalized Love Light Bottle

Personalized Love Light Bottle

This love light bottle is a great way to show the love and affection that you share with your special half.

You just have to upload the digital images and they will make what you can call a perfect and fitting tribute to your love.

This is an outstanding personalized anniversary gift for him in India as it has an aesthetic appeal to it and will not only light up his face but the surrounding area too.

25. Personalized Table Clock

Personalized Table Clock

It is a great option as he will always remember you when he sees this personalized clock.

It will remind him of the timeless and eternal love that you posses for him.

This is the perfect personalized anniversary gift for him in India because according to the Hindu theory of creation time is a manifestation of god hence making the gift even more special.

This gift, in fact, highlights the fact that he holds a place that is almost as important as god is in your heart.

26. Gentleman Photo Stand In

Personalized anniversary gifts for him in india

Send us a photo of that special man in your life and we will create a stand-in of it.

This is a beautifully personalized product that will ignite the spark of love and romance amongst the both of you.

We all yearn for something thoughtful and this gift can be the perfect example of it.

27. Set of 2 Personalized Pens

Set of 2 Personalized Pens

This sleek and stylish pen is sure to have a great effect on him as it can add a dash of charm to his already lovable personality.

A stylish pen is a symbol of elegance and what better way to portray it than as a personalized gift.

This is a great personalized anniversary gift for him in India because of the growing affinity towards customized gifts and what better way to make a style statement than a personalized pen.

28. Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

For most people music is a gateway to another universe.

Music speaks a language that can transcend any boundary and obstacle in its path.

India is no exception has always loved its musical roots, therefore, this can be the perfect personalized anniversary gift for him in India.

Yes you heard it right a personalized Bluetooth speaker.

You can choose your very own text, color, and design for this awesome piece of technology.

Honestly I don’t know what else you could ask for!

You can now groove to the beats of your customized Bluetooth speaker and bring some energy into the party.  

29. Couple Passport Covers

Couple Passport Covers

This cute addition to your travel itinerary is sure to put a huge smile to his face as he watches it.

The people that travel together stay together and this is a small reassurance of your bountiful and infinite love for each other.

You can add different colors, name as well as a special charm from the list that is provided to you.

The perfect personalized gift for those who have that sense of wanderlust amongst them.

30. Personalized Desk Lamp Speaker

Personalized Desk Lamp Speaker

This is certainly bound to sweep you of the ground.

This is one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for him in India as we certainly love it when we get the benefits or usefulness of two products in a single one.

This awesome desk lamp cum speaker is sure to provide you with some epic lightning as well as a stand-in which you can keep some essential materials.

Isn’t it so cool?

31. Personalized Magic Mug

Personalized Magic Mug

Another mug! I’m sure you must be thinking about stuff like what is up with him and mugs.

But at the end of the day, we are Indians so we simply cannot do without our morning chai or evening or whenever.

This is why it is one of the perfect personalized anniversary gifts for him in India.

Just send them your photo and as soon as the steaming hot tea or even coffee is poured in your cup it will show a picture of your beloved in a happy memory.

It is a must have for all those chai or coffee lovers out there.


With this, we have finally come to the conclusion of our list of personalized anniversary gifts for him in India.

We have dived deep and searched every little crevice of the internet to find the best suitable products for our audience.

Yet I’m sure that there must be something or the other that we have missed out so if you feel that you have any such dope suggestion or idea.

Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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