33 Awesome and Unique Handmade Wedding Gifts in India

33 awesome and unique handmade wedding gifts in India

In today’s article, we shall take a special look at some handmade wedding gifts in India which is bound to make this auspicious occasion even more special.

Weddings are by far a very grand celebration in the land of Gandhi and Nehru, Ram and Sita, Chanakya and Chandragupta.

We are an amalgamation of several different cultures and therein lies our a strength but marriage is something that is common to all religions and traditions in this great land.

“The successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can’t live in peace without her.”

The wedding is thus the starting of this amazing journey and handmade wedding gifts in India are a glorious and ominous part of this entire celebration.

All the various aspects of this celebration right from the food till the music are larger than life.

Let us now take a look at some of the special handmade wedding gifts in India.

1. A special Portrait Painting

Pencil portrait painting

A customized and personalized portrait painting is the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and creative genius.

It is a great way to captivate your loved ones visually.

But the best thing about this masterpiece is that not only will it capture the eyes but also strike a chord deep within your heart.

It is something that provides you with an innate sense of satisfaction because deep down you can connect with it on a much more personal level.

This can be a great handmade wedding gift in India as it shows the immense amount of love and affection that you have for the couple in general.

2. Handcrafted Wooden Spices Container

Handcrafted Wooden Spices Container

India is called the land of spices and very true indeed.

One can see a lot of diversity in culture as well as cuisine as we travel from the north to the south of the nation.

The aromatic smell of these spices is what makes Indian food so delectable and tasty.

Therefore this item can be the perfect handmade wedding gift in India.

An auspicious journey should be started with a gift which is not only elegant but also practical.

This product serves as the perfect example of what that actually means.

The talk of all these spices has already made us hungry.

3. Designer Necklace Set with Semi Precious Hand Painted Stones

Designer Necklace Set with Semi Precious Hand Painted Stones

Well if there is anything that Indian women like more than gossiping it is their jewelry.

Actually, the daily soap serials are also close by in that list but the matter in point is that women absolutely adore beautiful jewelry.

It attracts all, right from the ancient queens to modern housewives. There is just something special about it which is why this product can be the perfect handmade wedding gift in India.

 This necklace contains a plethora of semiprecious stones and some amazing design which will add that awesome chic factor to your wardrobe and attire.

4. Rajasthani Print Jaipuri Cotton Quilt

Rajasthani Print Jaipuri Cotton Quilt

This Rajasthani quilt is a symbol of our tradition and royal heritage and has an innate essence of ethnicity to it.

This is an awesome handmade wedding gift in India as nothing showcases the royalty and class of the Indian heritage quite like this Rajasthani quilt.

This quilt will make you a class apart.

Available in various colors and designs this quilt is certainly a treat to the eyes.

As Indians, we are deeply rooted in our culture and the fact that this kind of quilt is so much in demand further strengthens this fact.

This is perfect for winters or if you have an AC and is accompanied by traditional prints.

5. Indian Wedding Themed Caricature Gift

Indian Wedding Themed Caricature Gift

Weddings are by far, one of the grandest occasions in many Indians life.

Every minute detail is made to enthrall all the guests.

With the rise of digital mediums and technologies, it gives this caricature as a handmade wedding gift in India.

This is a cool and funky way to show your creative side and is sure to be a spectacular hit, especially with the younger generation.

A great gift is necessary and at times difficult to find.

Do stick around for more amazing ideas on the perfect wedding gift in India.

6. Ganesh Hanging Clay Tile Decoration

Ganesh hanging clay tile decoration

God and religion play an important role in every festival and occasion, especially something which is as pivotal as holy matrimony.

This clay tile decoration in a great handmade wedding gift in India as it will constantly remind one of the virtues and responsibilities that one share with his/her better half.

The Gods have always taught people to be honorable and just in both their personal and married life.

This clay tile is just a simple way to exemplify the glory of the gods and all that they stood for.

7. Kabir Dohe Coasters

Kabir Dohe Coasters

All our wise old saints may have long been gone but their message and preaching to this day hold a lot of meaning and value in our life.

Their sermons have relevancy even today and thus these coasters are an awesome handmade wedding gift in India.

Kabir was one of the most famous Indian saints and was known for his amazing ‘dohe’s’.

See this every day with your morning cup of tea or coffee and start your day with a positive note.

There is nothing quite like getting those daily affirmations to boost your soul and spirit.

8. A Crate Full Of Love

Crate full of love

This is something that is straight out of cupid’s collection of super romantic gifts.

It is a great way to spice up things between the couple.

This is the perfect starter pack for any romantic journey and consists of a bunch of cute and loving stuff.

Two messages in a bottle, a cuddle contract, and some cheesy AF pick up lines.

If love is in the air then this crate is all the oxygen that you need.

This is a breath of fresh air as compared to all those same old gifts and hence making it a perfect handmade wedding gift in India.

9. Personalized Engraved Wooden Key Holder

Personalised Engraved Wooden Key Holder

Are you tired of forgetting where you have kept your keys?

Do you take 10 minutes in the morning just to search for them?

Does this leave you frustrated and irritated at the start of the day?

Worry not for this product will be your saving grace and knight in shining armor.

Now you can keep your peace of mind and save those extra minutes that are usually lost in finding the keys.

This is the perfect handmade wedding gift in India because let’s admit it all of us have at some point lost or misplaced our keys which have caused us a great deal of stress and anxiety.

10. Personalized Set Of 2 Whiskey Glasses

Personalised Set Of 2 Whiskey Glasses

Life is too short to be serious and well sober all the time.

Alcohol reveals the best stories and can even be the most effective truth serums of all times.

A couple that drinks together stays together!

This is a great gift especially for those who have that extra vein for just alcohol in them.

Note that anything done in moderation can do you no harm as long as you do not go overboard and do something extreme.

11. Personalized Black Watch For Him

Personalised Black Watch For Him

Men and watches have always been an epic combination.

A stylish watch is the perfect attire for a true gentleman and adds a layer of eloquence to him.

This is an awesome handmade wedding gift in India as you can personalize the watch with his name.

Every instance that they see their watch will be a reminder of your epic choice in gifts.

It will also remind them to be at the concerned places on time.

Who am I kidding! they are still going to show up late anyways.

This is a great personalized gift and will always be cherished by him.

12. Personalized Wooden Beer Mug

Personalized wooden Beer Mug

Here comes another one for all those alcohol lovers out there.

Please note we certainly do not promote the consumption of alcohol in large quantities but a little bit is a great way to liven up a party and have some harmless fun.

Drink like your ancestors in this wooden beer mug.

Every mug is unique and made to order giving each one a unique presence.

This is a really unique and out of the box technique

It is the perfect handmade wedding gift in India as each of them are handcrafted and made to suit your specifications.

Chug your troubles away!

13. Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

This is a great set of fragrant soaps that are made from handpicked ingredients just like in the traditional olden times.

This will provide a soothing experience as well as nourish your skin.

It is a great handmade wedding gift in India as our vivid cultures have always taught us that it is important to cleanse both within and externally.

What better way to cleanse the dirt and rejuvenate your skin than with an organic soap which is healthy for your body.

A bath is a great way to not only cleanse your body but also reduce your stress.

14. Customized Candle Gifts

Customised Candle Gifts

This is another made to order item and the intricate hand-drawn patterns are sure to wow you off your feet.

Candle illuminates and brings light where there is darkness.

A candle is a symbol of hope that no matter the depth and strength of the darkness the light will always prevail.

This makes for a great handmade wedding gift in India as the painting on this candle is inspired by Heena art whose roots can be found deep within the traditions of the Indian subcontinent.

These candles will bring positive vibes to any home and make it a beautiful place to live in.

15. Neon Love Light

Neon Love Light

Very few things are as trippy as this neon sign.

Let your light shine brightly both literally and figuratively with this neon love light.

It is the perfect handmade wedding gift in India as well everyone is sure to be seduced by the charm and beauty of this sign.

Life is lit and so is this sign…. Okay, I’m really sorry for that but just can’t help making some lame puns.

Life is too short to write meaningful content all the time, a little pun here and there never hurt anybody.

 It will create an awesome atmosphere and leave everybody that views it awestruck and mesmerized.

16. Set of 7 Spiritual Postcards

Set of 7 Spiritual Postcards

These set of affirmation cards are a great way to start your day with a motivational message.

Conquer the mind and you will have conquered the body and these cards are a great start to remind yourself of your infinite potential.

These spiritual postcards are a great handmade wedding gift in India because they can help you get in touch with yourself and bring out the best version of you.

You can also add some of your own extra text at the back of these cards to make them even more special.

These cards are created with symbols that are taken from the mandala art.

17. Memories in Spotlight

Memories in Spotlight

Whether it is your own better half or a special couple who are very close to your heart this is an awesome customized gift.

It is a great handmade wedding gift in India as it is a great way to take a trip down memory lane.

All you have to do is send pictures of some of the best moments of the couple and they will make it into a beautiful type of collage with LED strips put to the side to add a touch of eloquence to it.

Light up the world of the special couple with some cherished memories.

18. Wobbly Porcelain Sign

Wobbly Porcelain Sign

This can serve as a beautiful porcelain hanger that will always keep the love strong.

It comes with a string attached to it and can be hanged anywhere in the house.

Give your own quirky message and see as their love grows in leaps and bounds.

This is an awesome handmade wedding gift in India as the message is something unique and can serve as a great reminder of the love that is shared between the bride and the groom.

This lovely porcelain sign makes for a great centerpiece and is certainly one of the best ways to attract attention.

19. Stuck On You

Stuck On You

You can now turn your fridge into a collection of some cherished moments and memories.

These unique customizable fridge magnets are a dope way to give or create a tribute that is viewed almost every single day.

The box also comes with a rewritable marker thus you can put doodle or write any message that you want on the magnet.

These customized magnets will be of the images that you share.

These magnets are a quirky way to remind you of all the beautiful times spent together thus making for a funky handmade wedding gift in India.

20. Tiny Trinkets

Tiny Trinkets

There is just something beautiful about charms. Secretly don’t we all have something that we refer to as our lucky charm?

This beautifully handcrafted gift comes with six different charms which are why it would make for such an amazing handmade wedding gift in India.

These intricately designed charms are superb and may even prove to be really lucky.

It is the perfect accessory for any attire whether it is formal, traditional or casual.

21. Pure Pashmina/Cashmere Kani Shawl

Pure Pashmina Cashmere Kani Shawl

After all this talk about customized and modern trending gifts let us take a look at something which is the pride of Kashmiri handlooms.

It is something which has showcased the class of the Indian craftsmen across various regional and international borders.

This is beyond doubt one of the best handmade wedding gift in India as it embodies the traditional spirit, culture, and skills of these artisans.

It is amazing and something that every woman should have during the winter winds.

Every thread that is intricately woven together tells the story of the age-old skills and patience that was required to perfect this craft.

It has put India on the map internationally receiving many accolades when it comes to the fashion sense.

22. Engraved Wood Cutting Board

Engraved Wood Cutting Board

We all know that the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach and this is especially true when it comes to Indians.

There is no denying it we just love our cuisine and that is something to be proud of.

This item is a great handmade wedding gift in India because it perfectly captures the essence of how much importance we give to the foods that we consume.

This cutting board will also be a reminder of the bond that is shared between the couple every time lunch or dinner is being prepared.

You should cut vegetables but not someone’s heart.

Damn… another one of those cheesy AF puns.

23. Mr. & Mrs. Couples Wedding Candle Gift


This is a really cute and beautiful gift for all the couples out there.

You can add your own personalized message as the love within burns as bright as ever.

Not only can you personalize the message but also choose from a wide range of scent options.

Spread the fragrance of love all around and see the world become a better place.

This couple candle gift is a great handmade wedding gift in India and shows the importance of the light in dark times.

This customized candle is a sorted home décor idea as it can liven up the surrounding place with its unique charm.

24. Motivational Inspirational Saying Rustic Sign

motivational inspirational saying Rustic Sign

You cannot be on your best everyday and this is a sad reality.

Some days will be better than the others so we all need a little bit of confidence and assurance.

Nothing is permanent and this too shall pass.

This is a great handmade wedding gift in India as no marriage is perfect and a little motivation to get us through the tough times can certainly be of good help.

We all need motivation at some point or the other and looking at this rustic sign daily may just give you that extra kick that you need.

You are offered a variety of choices when it comes to colors and you can also personalize the message that you want to be engraved on the text.

25. Honeymoon Travel Gift

This is for all those couples with an innate sense of wanderlust in them.

It is for them who would love to travel the world together side by side.

This is an amazing handmade wedding gift in India especially for all those couples who call themselves travel freaks.

Traveling and witnessing different cultures is certainly a great way to live and for all those couples who understand this frankly speaking there could be no better gift in store for them.

All the items i.e the passport holder, travel organizer, luggage tag, can be personalized.

It is the perfect gift for the couple who loves to roam.

26. Engravable Sheesham Wood And Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer

Engravable Sheesham Wood And Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer

Time and tide wait for no man and this hourglass is the perfect reminder of this fact.

You can also engrave some special message on this timer which will make it really special.

This is the perfect handmade wedding gift in India as it will always remind you to respect the time and use it to your maximum profit.

The message on top is a great way to embrace them with a few good words.

The hourglass was one of the first watches and it taught us to respect time rather than just view it which is what makes this even more special as a symbol.

27. Any Song Lyrics Wall Art

Any song lyrics wall art

Does it happen that you love a song so much that it keeps going on in your head?

Is it easier to remember lyrics that household chores?

For all with this kind of love for music will absolutely love this item.

If there is one thing it is that we Indians love our dramatic dialogues and songs hence this will be a great idea for a handmade wedding gift in India.

This is a truly unique and personalized gift and a great option for today’s younger generation.

28. Elegant Wooden Jewellery Box

Elegant Wooden Jewellery Box

Jewelry is an important part of an Indian woman’s attire and this box will, therefore, be the perfect place to keep all of it.

This is exactly why it can be the perfect handmade wedding gift in India.

A bride is adorned with beautiful jewelry and this box is a really cool way to keep your precious jewelry safe and sound.

It will also add an ethnic touch to your room and house making it even more beautiful and appealing.

29. Traditional Wooden Hand Painted Wine Box

Traditional Wooden Hand Painted Wine Box

We are a people who love our traditions and which is, in fact, a really good thing.

It is a great handmade wedding gift in India as it gives this modern accessory a perfect traditional twist which makes it an amazing showpiece if nothing else.

Oh we Indians just love those fancy showpieces now don’t we!

This Indian style of painting gives it a rich look and certainly makes it look even more elegant.

It is a sorted amalgamation of the old and the new which gives it a different dimension altogether.

30. Custom Last Name Doormat

Custom Last Name Doormat

Weddings are a new beginning and what better way to celebrate them than to get this custom doormat done.

Two bodies becoming one soul, there is something so satisfying and poetic about it isn’t there?

This is the perfect handmade wedding gift in India as according to the custom the girl changes her last name to that of the boy’s and this can perfectly start their new journey.

31. Vintage Window Photo Frame

Vintage Window Photo Frame

This can be a great addition to your home décor and bring a rustic and nostalgic touch to it.

Say bye to those old and boring frames that you used to hang on the walls as we have a better, more awesome alternative to it.

It is a great handmade wedding gift in India as it is sure to capture the attention of all the guests that enter the house.

Well, don’t we just love it when someone showers us with praise especially for our choice in home décor!

This is bound to make any house look different and vibrant from the others.

32. Mandala GuestBook

Mandala GuestBook

This mandala guest book looks awesome and sparkly.

It can be customized to order with a variety of different designs and orders that can be created especially for you.

This is a great handmade wedding gift in India because of its class and intricate designs which give it a stellar look.

Celebrate weddings in style and choose this awesome and totally out of the box option for the special couple.

33. Handmade Embroidery Work Umbrella

Handmade Embroidery Work Umbrella

Well, not everything is smooth sailing and not all the days are sunny hence we all need an umbrella, right?

(and there you thought I was going to share some intellectual piece of knowledge with you!)

This is a bit quirky but fun loving and useful nonetheless.

With Jaipuri print embroidered to it, this umbrella can be a really crazy and amazing handmade wedding gift in India.

We love putting our traditional twist on everything whether they are clothes or cuisines so why not here?


With this, we have finally come to the end of our handmade wedding gifts in India.

Taking into spirit the modern trends and traditional roots we have tried our best to bring out products that maintain a perfect blend of these.

We sincerely hope that this article on handmade wedding gifts in India has helped you and if you have any more suggestions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

“Making dumb jokes and cuddling together over a beer and a movie (or doing whatever you love together) is one of the best parts of marriage.”

At the end of the day, material things and products will only be able to give you satisfaction to a limit.

The true happiness and bliss in life are the memories and special times that are created with the one that you love.

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